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Some people daydream while others put in the necessary work to live those dreams daily. Ms. Washington is the latter of the two. With research, bravery, and perseverance, a Black owned wine was born.

Ms. Washington’s first wine tasting took place at a Black owned shop. It was there that her love for wine was born and her palette began to grow. That experience was a defining moment that opened up a new realm of possibilities. She began researching wine and found a community of Black owned wines and wineries. Why only read about this community when becoming a member of it was possible? Her dream was birthed into reality, solidifying her seat at the table in the Black owned wine community.

This delectable brand is dedicated to a woman who radiates warmth, love, and cheer the owner’s mother, Cynthia. The brand logo is an interpretation of the beautiful bond between a mother and daughter. With its bold and refreshing flavors, every sip is a sip of radiance. When you combine these two integrants, you have a unique brand name for a unique experience - Cynshine.

Sourced from Napa Valley, these grapes are harvested by hand exclusively at night. This process aids in the amazing flavor profile by ensuring a more stable sugar level for the fermentation process. Thought and care are poured into every step of the process to deliver a quality product from Cynshine’s vineyard to your table.


The owner strives to use her brand as a way to provide knowledge to others and expand their palettes. She believes wine brings people together for all occasions. It creates a source of radiance for every gathering. The same radiant feeling of love, happiness, and confidence that you experience whenever you are around your loved ones is the same experience provided by each varietal of this brand. Simply put, Cynshine is sunshine!

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